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This brickfilm started as a completely different story around Stuntman Bob. But as I was sketching Mind Maps to provide some structure to the story, it appeared to me that something a bit more sophisticated was necessary to visualise the story in my head. This is how I ended up writing my own Storyboard tool.

After the first version of the tool was finished, my first storyboard trials quickly turned into the story about Bob and a haunted castle. After quite some lessons in story telling, I produced the raw material for my first Brickfilm with a pre-planned plot.

Due to the amount of material and the effects I wanted to include, Windows MovieMaker did not live up to the editing task anymore. This made me look for an affordable environment that was capable of "professional" multi track editing. Sony Vegas suited my needs best, and I then spent quite a few hours experimenting and gradually editing my Brickfilm. Besides learning about advanced video editing, this also put me on the track of using audio to enhance the visuals.

The result is a Brickfilm with a plot that demonstrates my current best stop motion abilities...

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