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Stop Motion Animation

by Timo van de Put

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Stop Motion Recorder

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Stop Motion Recorder is my own freeware Java application for capturing stop motion animations using a standard webcam. You can download Stop Motion Recorder 1.2 here.


  • Freeware!
  • Capture frames using a standard webcam.
  • Onion skinning to align the live camera image with the previously captured frame.
  • Indicator to verify if the camera image is stable.
  • Various looping preview modes to verify if your captured frames create the illusion you are looking for.
  • Audio import to test your animation with its audio track.
  • Scene editing functions to duplicate / move / reverse / delete sequences of frames.
  • Integrated phoneme-based lipsync editing and generation with preview function to make your subjects talk with little effort.
  • Chroma keying in blue, green and red to blend the camera image with any existing image.
  • Freeform masking to hide support structures and wires from your camera image.
  • Rotoscoping to use an imported image or scene as template for your own animation.
  • Image and scene import with automatic frame rate and size conversion.
  • Direct image capture for chromakeying, masking or rotoscoping.
  • Export still images from your scene as JPEG files.
  • Animate in 4:3 and 16:9 formats at 640, 428 or 320 pixels wide.
  • Frame rates from 1 to 25 frames per second.
  • Output .avi (Windows only) and .mov formats, including the audio track.
  • Written in 100% Java, so it runs both under Windows and Linux.
  • Etc, etc, etc, ...

Make a donation of just €10 to show me your appreciation for my software, let me know what you think of this application and report any problems or suggestions you might have yourself to help me maintain the software and this website.


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