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Frame Size and Rate

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An important decision before any recording starts are the dimensions of the frame and the animation speed. You get the best result is you keep both consistent in you film, and match (at least) the aspect ratio to the type of film you record.

While creating the storyboard I already decide if my film is best shot in and 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. This ratio will determine the type of shot layouts I can use. It is my experience that shooting a Brickfilm with a webcam at 320 (4:3) or 428 (16:9) pixels is more than sufficient for distribution on the web.

There are many suggestions on the Internet about the "correct" frame rate for a Brickfilm. The principal forces that drive this decision are smoothness of the animation and the time it takes to record the still frames. My personal preference is 9 frames per second, as the amount of recording work is kept to a minimum while minifigs still appear to be moving in line with their natural (in-)flexibility.

I stick to my selected frame rate for all my animation, as I am developing a feel how far things should be moving between frames and developed some basic motion sequences (like walking, turning, etc) for this frame rate.

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