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Stop Motion Animation

by Timo van de Put

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Brickfilming: How I do it...

I am not claiming to be any expert on Brickfilming, but I thought it would be a good idea to share the things I learned by experimenting, watching Brickfilms from others, and reading lots of stuff about stop motion animation on the net.

  • Making a Brickfilm introduces you to the world of stop motion animation. It includes an instruction video by one the most popular Brickfilm animators around.
  • Script your story to make sure it has a plot and help you keep a grip on the sets and props you need to create.
  • Storyboard to plan complex scenes before you shoot footage you may later not need anymore.
  • Webcam selection for stop motion animation influences the quality of your Brickfilms.
  • Frame Size and Rate selection is a topic you can discuss about forever. This page explains my choice.
  • Lighting determines the mood and quality of your captured frames. As LEGO bricks are small and made of reflective plastic, this requires a bit more thought than I expected.
  • Animation of the characters is not as trivial as it may seem. Here some of my suggestions.
  • Audio makes the video images credible. To create a realistic Brickfilm you have to consider not only what the subjects say, but also how to create the mood by adding music and sound effects.
  • Lipsync animation makes your Minifigs more life like, as it allows you to add mouth movement to the words.
  • Sound Effects lists a number of resources for sound effect clips.
  • References lists my Brickfilm heroes with references to their sites and material.
  • Glossary provides an overview of the Brickfilming language I use in this site.
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