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Some resources for free sound effects are:

  • Absolute Sound Effects Archive: A lot of free sound effects offered as high-quality WAV files. (beware the few popups)
  • The Recordist: A list of MP3 sound effects, neatly categorized and free for use.
  • I Love Wavs: Home to a wide range of royalty free wav files.
  • Partners in Rhyme Royalty Free Sound Effects: Partners in Rhyme is a great place to find free sound effects in many different categories.
  • FindSounds: Kind of like a Google for sound effects. Beware that some sound effects you find may be copyrighted.
  • Amazing Sounds: Just some more free sound effects if you canít find them anywhere else.
  • Flash Kit: Free loops and sound effects designed for Flash animators, but they work well for video production, too. Sound clips can be previewed on the page via flash.
  • The Freesound Project: This is home page of the Freesound Project. All clips are copyrighted under Creative Commons licenses. All clips are previewable using flash.
  • Frogstar: If you are looking for clips of quotes from popular movies, or themes from popular TV shows, check here first. Not a ton of clips, but you might just find what you are looking for.
  • Wavsounds: A searchable collection of free sound effects. Tags are very descriptive, but some of the clips are really random.
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